About me

My name is Felipe Besson , someone very passionate about data topics with focus on search relevance. I already worked with Software, Data and Machine Learning Engineer and I am very intereted in working in big companies and startups.

Since the beginning of my career, I've been always excited to work with Automated Software Testing and Agile Methods. Everything started when I studied automated web testing, as my undergraduate project. Later on, in my Masters, I developed a framework and a methodology to apply Test-Driven Development (TDD) in web service compositions. A very cool project that help me to dive deeply in the anatomy of existent Automated Software Testing frameworks and methodologies.

Some years later, I started to work with Search Engines and other Data Science topics, such as: machine learning, information retrieval and data topics in general and I had the feeling I found a place I belong to.

I had the opportunity to work with search in many great companies like Elo7 and Walmart.com. I also worked for Worldpackers, where I worked in many different talks like geting more involved in strategic decisions, learning a lot about marketplaces and entrepreneurship.

Now my journey has taken me to Berlin to join GetYourGuide , an awesome company with also a very real impact. I always wanted to live in another country and I am very excited about this opportunity to work on GYG :)

My goal with this Blog is to always bring relevant and special learnings I have learned in my journey. I'll do my best =]